Africa Eco Race Start – Monaco

I had bought a Weebill2 video stabiliser for my camera at the start of the year but not really had time to experiment with it. When I realised the Official Start of the Africa Eco Race was about to happen I grabbed all the bits and went down to the paddock. Putting it all together in the dark from memory was a bit of a challenge but finally I worked it out. The battery was pretty low but I had foreseen this so I wired it to a Power Bank in my pocket. The only major mistake I made was plugging the external microphone into the camera headphone socket. Luckily, as you will hear, the camera internal mike was fine.

The next day, when I started the editing I realised that the camera had perhaps not been set to the best mode for night time video. Anyhow I was very pleased with the result which has proved quite popular on YouTube.

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