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Land Rover Defender – Africa Eco Race RAID 2017

This is the story of how we went from zero 4×4 experience to completing the 6,500km off road Africa Eco…

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My 1993 Computer Animations and Imagina

I recently came across some of my really old Computer Animation Videos which I think warrant a story. Building my…

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Monaco Historic Grand Prix: 1st Chicane

I was on the terrace with my binoculars just after 8am last Sunday morning watching the first of the Monaco…

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Noisy Frogs Video

Some very strange loud noises were coming from our Rain Water Collection Tank so I took my camera and investigated….

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Slide Show: Monaco before the EPrix

This is the first of this years three “Grand Prix” weekends so I took a walk around town to see…

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My Finisher Medals Solution

About 20 years ago I had a go at running a marathon and, much to my amazement, I liked it….

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Marathon des Sables: 2022

This short articles tells of my MDS cancellation and our son, Spiderman Chris, completing the Marathon des Sables race.

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Building with Wood

This article presents two of my recent major wood construction projects.

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Defender Trophy 2016

These are some of the photos and videos that I made during our first ever 4×4 trip to the Moroccan…

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Marathon des Sables Stuff

This article takes you on a deep dive into the stuff I used on my two 250km 7 day Marathon…

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The Class of 2021

Another weird year. My 2020 races were all rescheduled to Apr/May then bumped back to Sept/Oct. Some even on the…

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Nice Cannes Marathon 2021: A Photo Story

On the 28th of November 2021 I ran my 13th Nice to Cannes marathon. As the weather was magnificent I…

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My 13th Nice-Cannes Marathon

“Do or do not – there is no try” – Yoda. Well that was a fun day out. I took…

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No Finish Line 2012: The Challenge

While researching a possible article about my many years at the No Finish Line I came across this inspiring story…

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Crossing Italy in 12 minutes !

The Dashcam on our car records everything that happens on the road in front of us.  Although it was initially…

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My Music Videos Catalogue

I have always enjoyed taking photographs and over the years this naturally evolved into shooting videos. With the advent of…

Cycling: My World
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Cycling: My World

A few weeks ago my mate Andrew posted a video he shot while cycling up the Mont Des Mules –…

Sid the Snake
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Sid the Snake

I was doing some video work with the Frogs when, much to our amazement, Sid the Snake slithered into shot….

Time Lapse: Monaco Yachts Show 2021
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Time Lapse: Monaco Yacht Show 2021

After a Covid year away the Monaco Yacht Show is back. I could not resist setting up my camera and…

Nice Ironman Finisher 2009 to 2019
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Tales from My Nice Ironmans

A Deep Dive into my thoughts and stories from my times racing in the Nice Ironman between 2009 to 2021.

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The Class of 2020

Just the Marrakesh Marathon (42km) this year, luckily I did it in January just before the world fell apart with…

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1984 My Riviera Movie

This story is about my project in 1984 to make a low cost Riviera Movie with my friends from the…

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Adriatic Rally Video

In 2019 we entered a 12 day classic car rally that took us around most of the countries to the…

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Local Radio and Me

This is the story of my early days in Monaco and my involvement with Radio Nova, the very first English…

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Steve’s Tour de Monaco

This is a full description of my 30km Tour de Monaco cycling route which covers all the country with just…

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Several people have asked me how I made my little Lego Movie. Well it’s something I had been kicking around…

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Startup Weekend & Terre de Monaco

This is a story from 2014/15 about my times at the StartUp Weekend Monte-Carlo and the beginning of Terre de Monaco.

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Recently (during Covid 2020) I have been spending way too much time watching YouTube videos. Somehow this inspired me to…

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This is the true story of how, in 1994, I made and brought public Internet to Monaco and the…

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I started to be concerned about Covid19 in mid March when I realised we would soon have to go outside…