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Monaco Grand Prix 2024 Video Collection

This year I shot 4k video the evening before the race and on the actual race day. From this I…

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Mallorca Ironman 70.3: Medals 2 – Hospital 1

In 2018 I completed the Mallorca Ironman 70.3 and ended up with 3 days in hospital. In 2024 I did the race again.

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Nasogastric Intubation

How would you like to be able to work or play all your waking hours? No stopping for breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner. When you go to bed you plug into a machine and it feeds you while you sleep. How cool is that? Well I accidentally tried it. I will explain.

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The Class of 2023

Well that was yet another roller coaster year. It started off well with me deep into heavy duty Marathon des…

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NFT’s and Me

This is the story of my short adventure into the world of the crypto NFT.

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My 3rd Marathon des Sables

This is the story (and videos) of how, at 66, I completed my 3rd 250km Marathon des Sables desert race.

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Monaco, Fort Revere Trail loop

This is a 15 minute video of my recent 3 hour, 16km Trail Jog between Monaco and Fort Revere high…

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Monaco, La Turbie Trail 5.6km loop

This is a short 4k video of a trail run loop I jogged between Monaco and La Turbie. It started…

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The Class of 2022

My 2022 started off with 6 weeks of rest while I recovered from an amazing operation to replace a bearing…

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Did I help Morocco in the World Cup?

This is the story of how my humanitarian efforts in 2017 could, just possibly, have helped Morocco in the Football World Cup.

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My Athens Marathon 2022

For many years the iconic Athens Marathon, from Marathon to Athens, was always on the same weekend as my local…

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My 14th Nice Cannes Marathon 2022

This, my 14th year at the Nice Cannes Marathon, I decided to make a video highlighting the course and my experience.

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Africa Eco Race Start – Monaco

This is the story of a short video I shot while wandering around the Official Start line of the 2022 Africa Eco Race.

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Land Rover Defender – Africa Eco Race RAID 2017

This is the story of how we went from zero 4×4 experience to completing the 6,500km off road Africa Eco…

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My 1993 Computer Animations and Imagina

I recently came across some of my really old Computer Animation Videos which I think warrant a story. Building my…

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Monaco Historic Grand Prix: 1st Chicane

I was on the terrace with my binoculars just after 8am last Sunday morning watching the first of the Monaco…

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Noisy Frogs Video

Some very strange loud noises were coming from our Rain Water Collection Tank so I took my camera and investigated….

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Slide Show: Monaco before the EPrix

This is the first of this years three “Grand Prix” weekends so I took a walk around town to see…

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My Finisher Medals Solution

About 20 years ago I had a go at running a marathon and, much to my amazement, I liked it….

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Marathon des Sables: 2022

This short articles tells of my MDS cancellation and our son, Spiderman Chris, completing the Marathon des Sables race.

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Building with Wood

This article presents two of my recent major wood construction projects.

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Defender Trophy 2016

These are some of the photos and videos that I made during our first ever 4×4 trip to the Moroccan…

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Marathon des Sables Stuff

This article takes you on a deep dive into the stuff I used on my two 250km 7 day Marathon…

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The Class of 2021

Another weird year. My 2020 races were all rescheduled to Apr/May then bumped back to Sept/Oct. Some even on the…

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Nice Cannes Marathon 2021: A Photo Story

On the 28th of November 2021 I ran my 13th Nice to Cannes marathon. As the weather was magnificent I…

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My 13th Nice-Cannes Marathon

“Do or do not – there is no try” – Yoda. Well that was a fun day out. I took…

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No Finish Line 2012: The Challenge

While researching a possible article about my many years at the No Finish Line I came across this inspiring story…

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Crossing Italy in 12 minutes !

The Dashcam on our car records everything that happens on the road in front of us.  Although it was initially…

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My Music Videos Catalogue

I have always enjoyed taking photographs and over the years this naturally evolved into shooting videos. With the advent of…

Cycling: My World
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Cycling: My World

A few weeks ago my mate Andrew posted a video he shot while cycling up the Mont Des Mules –…