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1984 My Riviera Movie

This story is about my project in 1984 to make a low cost Riviera Movie with my friends from the…

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Local Radio and Me

This is the story of my early days in Monaco and my involvement with Radio Nova, the very first English…

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Steve’s Tour de Monaco

This is a full description of my 30km Tour de Monaco cycling route which covers all the country with just…

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Startup Weekend & Terre de Monaco

This is a story from 2014/15 about my times at the StartUp Weekend Monte-Carlo and the beginning of Terre de Monaco.

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Recently (during Covid 2020) I have been spending way too much time watching YouTube videos. Somehow this inspired me to…

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How I started Internet in Monaco – The SGI

The specification PDF for my SGI server: Back to Page 2

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How I started Internet in Monaco – 3

Having spent the previous 16 months or so building my Internet Services, 1996 signaled the start of a more settled and less dramatic period. Still plenty of new things to explore though as the Internet blossomed into new areas.

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How I started Internet in Monaco – 2

1995 started out like a normal year, but very quickly changed into a bit of a Roller Coaster. As per…

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How I started Internet in Monaco

This is the true story of how, in 1994, I made and brought public Internet to Monaco and the…

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As well at the high speed noisy cars flashing around the streets I find the activity in the harbor during…